November 20, 2014

{ Ten }

Ten years ago today I earned a Thanksgiving turkey at the local market.  My mom had promised to show me how to bake a turkey - as I was expecting to be a new mother in a couple of weeks and I felt every good mother should know how to cook a turkey.  So, my mom and I picked up my free Thanksgiving turkey and we headed home to her house.  Twelve hours later, I had a new baby boy!

Hospital 11.21.04

Benjamin was due on December 6th of 2004.  He decided to arrive in time for Thanksgiving. Our lives were forever changed on that day.  Benjamin was (and still is) the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.  I remember looking down at him as he was being delivered, and immediately falling in love with him.

My mom and Michael attended the birth.  And what a peaceful birth, too!  I labored through the night (the staff was convinced I would not have him until the next day) and when I knew he was ready to arrive, I pushed only four times and there he was -- my sweet baby boy.

I remember wishing we could just take him home.  I had never stayed in a hospital, nor had any sort of procedure or anything done to me.  It felt sort of alien to me to be told what to do by a staff of strangers.  Finally, on November 22, we were allowed to bring Benjamin home with us.  He was so tiny (6.6 lbs) and so precious.  Only three days later, it was Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving 2004

I was so excited to dress him in the little green hedgehog-themed outfit he is wearing...I didn't care it was far too big!  I was in LOVE with everything about him.  Each day my mom would come to visit.  I remember thinking that motherhood was so wonderful, I wished we had not waited seven years before having a baby -- of course, now that Benjamin is turning ten, I am happy we did!

Me & Benjamin

Benjamin was a perfect baby.  He ate well.  He slept well.  And, he had a cheerful personality from the moment he was born.  A sort of spark.  In fact, artist N.C. Wyeth described his son Andy in a letter to his mother in a similar way.  Wyeth's words remind me of my feelings about Benjamin.

Finding His Hand

I think he is the most sensitive and spiritual little body I ever saw.

N.C. Wyeth, about his son, Andrew (March 1, 1918)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tomorrow Benjamin will turn ten-years-old.  I can hardly believe he has been ours for an entire decade.  He is kind.  He is bright.  And, he is funny.  He is thoughtful.  He is unique and independent in thought and spirit.  We love him more and more with each passing year.  I can't wait to see what the next decade has in store for him -- my baby boy.  I love him with all my heart.