December 14, 2012

{ Go! } :: Christkindlmarkt in Mifflinburg

Every December we drive almost two hours to visit Mifflinburg's Christkindlmarkt!

Last year we were a little disappointed because the Saint Nicholas we loved from 2010 was not there...
but this year we were all so happy to welcome him back to the parade!

Along with a polar bear, elf, snow queen and other such characters...

Mifflinburg is a beautiful old town.  We would love to move there -- and were surprised to see so many homes for sale in the area.  I can just imagine living in such a historic town.  Now, if only Michael could get a job teaching at Bucknell...

I'm glad I accidentally caught those two women hugging -- isn't it sweet?

This year's Santa Claus was different -- honestly, we missed last year's.

Ah, but St. Nicholas is wonderful!  He gave Benjamin a gold coin again this year...

And we enjoyed the marionette show again this year -- a chicken shot out of a cannon!

Oh, and aren't these paper stars gorgeous?  They fold open like Chinese lanterns and slip over a simple lightbulb!

The blacksmith was there again this year...but Benjamin missed the guy who makes arms and armor.

We enjoyed seeing the animals of the live nativity...especially the naughty donkey.

And who can forget the tree-on-wheels?  

We love visiting Mifflinburg with Grandma & Grandpa each Christmas!


  1. And Grandma and Grandpa Love visiting Mifflinburg
    each year with you!!

  2. Such a lovely event!!! There is a mall store here called Fuego (Pac. NW chain) that sells those pretty paper star lanterns. I always admire them but don't really have anywhere to put them where they'd look good.


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