February 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up (Of Sorts)

Well let's see...what have we been doing? I forgot to share these photos of a sweet little woodpecker who lives at Grandma's house. He was enjoying the suet outside her kitchen window on Sunday -- he, and his woodpecker wife.  

At Grandma's and here at home, we are enjoying the little fat Juncos who hop around on the ground feeding on all the seed the wily squirrels shake out of the feeders.

Oh, I have some wonderful goodies to share with you!  Yesterday we visited the used curriculum store in Dillsburg.  They recently remodeled and enlarged, so we were excited to go and see the improvements.  I had a list (I came home with more of course!).  I found some things to complement this year's studies plus next year's, too!

This year we are planning to study Greek Mythology, and Benjamin found two new, unopened Jim Weiss recordings (Heroes in Mythology:  Theseus, Prometheus and Odin and Greek Myths) for $ 8.97 a piece!  I also discovered The Macmillan Book of Greek Gods and Heroes for only $ 3.00. 

While still in the History section I picked up a perennial favorite, Builders of the Old World ($ 1.00) -- which resulted in my whooping.  And just for his general interest, I picked up Golden's The American Indian ($ 5.00), Eyewitness Books' American Revolution ($ 3.00).

For our Core Knowledge Sequence-inspired Grade Three studies...I picked up the gently used first two volumes in Joy Hakim's wonderful series, A History of Us ( $ 9.57/ea.):  The First Americans and Making Thirteen Colonies

And I even found pertinent games to go with them...a game I've had my eye on for years (Made for Trade -- at $6.00!) and Professor Noggin's First Peoples of North America and Geography of the United States.  For $1 each!

What else do you see there?  Well...a bunch of Janice VanCleave books.  These were each marked $1.00 and I would have bought the others but they were marked $5 for some odd reason?  So, I ended up with one on math, earth science and oceans.  I'm pleased to have found them because I'm still trying to develop a fun excursion into science next year. 

I plan to use Joy Hakim's Story of Science as a read aloud now (early elementary) and revisit the entire series (in more depth) when Benjamin is older. 

I've been considering Focus on Elementary (formerly Real Science for Kids)...but like everything else, it's pricey.  PACE had some used copies for about $18 a piece but I'm not sure if I am absolutely set on the series or not -- I don't want another BFSU situation.

And one more thing -- and it isn't from the used curriculum store:  Peter Kent's Big Book of Armor (guess what, I got it at Ollie's Bargain Outlet for only $ 3.99).

In other news...we're working on making a Chinese dragon for Chinese New Year's on Sunday and we're finishing up a week of reading Chinese Folk Tales.  As always, I'll add the titles to our Our Reading List page so you can check them out, too!

Benjamin is still enjoying Chima -- despite never seeing the series on Cartoon Network!

And finally, we're also keepin' an eye on the beans.  A lot is going on and it's been fun!


  1. What a lot of fun goodies you found! You have a number of my personal favorite resources among them!

  2. Nature, Games, Books, Crafts! What else could one want in a school!?

  3. Ohh, to visit such a book store...I would certainly return with a huge pile of books.
    I really love your Chinese dragon - he is fantastic.
    And the woodpecker is special.
    Finally catching up with getting my blog updated. Almost there.
    Love to you.

  4. Just a GREAT week!
    Groundhogs, Books, Packed lunches,Woodpeckers,Trips to fun places, Chinese Dragons,Lego Wolves,and Love and Laughter with family. A GREAT WEEK! and those Beans just make it better, they look like a tiny phpto of Spring about to be sprung!! Love, Mom

  5. In regards to the free Every Number Stories book on google... I couldn't get it onto my Kindle either from google play. I had to download the pdf version and put that on my Kindle! Let me know if you need anymore help with it. I read through a bit yesterday with Cassia, and she loves it! I need to dig out my Elson readers... I think she'd really like those too.


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