Two Gates

One day not so long ago I posed this idea to my family, I think we should name our property

And so, after learning the history of naming a property...and much discussion about our properties attributes, we decided upon a most appropriate epithet. Gertrude Jekyll had her Munstead Wood.  Christopher Lloyd had his Great Dixter. Beatrix Potter had her beloved Hill Top Farm...and now, albeit by my own designation, I have my Two Gates

How did I choose such a name? We have two gates, of course! We call a parcel of land measuring slightly less than 1/4-acre home. Although I have always enjoyed photographing the corners of our backyard, it wasn't until 2015 - when we re-designed the flower beds and the garden pond - I honestly began to look at the property.    

There’s no place like home. In life and in photography, a closer look at the familiar
can often reveal truth and beauty.
— Jim Brandenburg, National Geographic Photographer

What began for me as a simple garden journal - photos captured throughout the growing season, to record bloom times - has evolved into something significant: a collection of stories.

The pair of catbirds, returning to our yard every April. Our big bullfrog's nightly jug-o-rum, advertising for a mate. A Cooper's hawk teaching her young to stalk sparrows in the hedge. The stealthy chipmunk who travels along the wood pile, over the bricks and beneath our shed.  

Every sight.  Every sound.  Every captured image...a narrative.      

Borage & Honey Bee | Two Gates | July 2016

Ego borago gaudia semper ago.
(I, borage, always bring joy.)
— Ancient Latin Proverb

When we re-designed the side and front yards our efforts were immediately rewarded.  Aside from the sheer beauty of pale pink Joe-Pye and deep orange Butterfly Weeds, the buzzing of bees, the singing of birds, and a kaleidoscope of butterflies have urged me to name this show this small patch of earth reverence for all it has given back to me.

My love of nature - instilled in me from a very young age - was re-awakened here.  The beautifully inconspicuous yellow and brown flowers of a ground cherry.  The iridescent green June bug who circles and dives like a circus acrobat. The disagreeable-looking brown dragonfly nymph who clings to my pond iris, a hobgoblin awaiting his fairy wings.  

All of these quiet observations are made right home...between Two Gates.