Jessica Allen
Jessica Allen
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Black-eyed Susan ( Rudbeckia hirta )

Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)

A herbarium is better than any illustration; every botanist should make one.
— Carolus Linnæus, Philosophia Botanica (1751)

The Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh defines a herbarium as:

a collection of preserved plants stored, catalogued and arranged systematically for study by both professional taxonomists, botanists and amateurs. 

Digitally preserved, catalogued and arranged systematically, this gallery of images will grow to represent the plants, flowers and trees I choose to include in my herbal studies. The collection is exclusive; it is concentrated on species growing only within the boundaries of my own garden.

As I accumulate notes on each species I create blog posts in a digital Materia Medica. I include cumulative notes on my successes + failures using each, too. By doing this I hope to create for myself an online, searchable organize and complement my offline research.

Images below may be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail. Each profile includes the plant's common and botanical names. Images associated with a Monograph will be denoted by an (*).