Kuerner Farm - Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

There he is again...always looking, over the same places, always finding something else.
— Karl Kuerner, speaking about Andrew Wyeth

The subject of over one thousand paintings and drawings by Andrew Wyeth created during a span of seventy-seven years...I have been fortunate to visit Kuerner Farm. With much gratitude toward the Kuerner family and the Brandywine River Museum of Art, I've had the opportunity to explore the property again-and-again.

Visiting Kuerner Farm has become an annual pilgrimage for our family. It is undertaken as a sort of ritual. We look forward to seeing the house - a static structure - alive in every season. The buildings remain relatively unchanged, their place in the landscape defines them to us and inherently, we recall Wyeth's intimate portrayal of the people who once called the farm home. My relationship with the property continues to evolve and I look forward to each trip; I am certain I will discover something new. I always do. 

This is how I see the iconic house on Ring Road. The house. The barn. The outbuildings. Its seasons...