Mosquito (Unidentified)

Mosquito (Unidentified)

Settle, and stand on long thin shanks
Eyeing me sideways...
You speck!
— D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930)

I settled alongside the pond again this evening. While thinning the water hyacinth this afternoon I discovered an "egg raft." At least...I think I did. Clinging to the roots of a clump of hyacinth I saw a collection of tiny round eggs the size of the white candy sprinkles on a nonpareil. When slid from the roots of the plant, the eggs (plastic-like) floated...much like a tiny raft.  

I made dozens of pictures; not one captured them in detail. Hrumph!

I sat for a while and observed the pond. Froglets hung in the anacharis. Wasps moved gracefully among the rocks while more aggressive yellow jackets bullied and blundered about on the water's surface. Bees and flies visited the flowering meadowsweet and among the pond iris I discovered a delicate row of lacewing eggs.

It was there - on a blade of pond iris - I found a mosquito. I wonder if she had deposited her egg raft? Or, was she in fact an adult mosquito who had completed her life cycle in my pond?

Doubtful. Too many hungry predators: the fish, the frogs, and the voracious dragonfly naiads! 

Jessica Allen explores the fields and forests of Pennsylvania with her artist-husband, Michael Allen, and their son, Benjamin. She shares her observations through words and pictures of everyday magic and beauty she sees in her world.